Yoga for Beginners: The Benefits

Many activities tone and build muscle, but none fine-tune the body like yoga. It is the ultimate full-body workout, but unlike the Tummy Buster or the Flab Reducer, you won’t see infomercials for yoga on late-night TV. That has to be worth something.

Yoga can help you regardless of your state of health. It can be fun, and even children can learn it easily and safely. You can also take it anywhere with you because you don’t really need anything to practice it (except time).

What Are the Benefits of Yoga?

Re-aligning your body through yoga brings relief from aches, pains, and general stiffness. The physical body benefits immensely as your energy flow returns and your posture corrects itself. As you become more conscious of your body, you’ll rediscover a certain grace of movement.

Yoga is a superb stress management technology. Competitive swimming teams use its breathing techniques. Popular singers and actors use it to enhance their physical performance and to combat the fatigue of exhaustive work schedules.

Yoga is not only a physical exercise but a mindful spiritual practice. Heightened awareness and clarity can lead you to a journey of self-discovery. So starting a yoga practice can be life-affirming and even life-changing.

List of Benefits

• Helps improve your general health

• Reduces excess fat while shaping your body

• Improves longevity, delays the aging process, and reduces physical fatigue

• Tones your abdominal organs and muscles

• Keeps your skin supple, soft, and glowing

• Improves blood circulation to all parts of your body

• Increases the flexibility of your spine and limbs

• Lowers the triglycerides and blood sugar level

• Activates your endocrine glands

• Maintains a hormonal balance

• Helps you withstand greater stress and strain

• Improves digestion and excretion

• Helps eliminate accumulated toxins in your body

• Increases your will power and alertness

• Reduces depression and anxiety

• Enhances your mental prowess, memory, and creativity

• Brings your emotions under control

• Increases your power of concentration

• Helps cultivate a better mental attitude

• Gives you a feeling of health and harmony

I’d like to thank Sonia Doubell, Yoga the secret blissUniversal Force Healing CenterTinnitus SA, and Truth Yoga World for some of this information.

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