Yoga Deals Reviews Three Minute Egg®

The Three Minute Egg is the new block on the mat, but what’s with the name? according to the founder and ‘recovering’ furniture maker, jason (aka creative dude with a bad back), the name was hatched (I couldn’t resist) because of the “great benefits [that] can come from a practice where one holds challenging poses for up to 3 minutes & restorative poses for at least 3 or more.” jason also mentioned, that we should be on the lookout for “a series of 3-minute eggs-ercises which people can do at home or in the office when they don’t have time for a complete practice. these different mini-routines will target different needs, and different parts of the body-mind connection.”

The Three Minute Egg is not some infomercial version of breakfast, but a way to ‘think outside the blocks.’ the unique shape of the ‘eggs’ can add strengthening, stretching & restoring benefits to your practice. I recommend the egg-perience 4-pack that comes equipped with 2 dvds & a convenient drawstring backpack for toting, however you can also get the components a la carte. the site offers some great online demos (aka eggs-ercises) of how eggs are not just for eating but for asana.

After giving these eggs a-go during my home practice, I enjoyed how they took even the basic poses, that are quite common through most vinyasa flow sequences, to the next level. they really helped me stay checked in with my alignment in poses like tadasana and utkatasana, with the eggs acting as gentle reminders to inwardly spiral my thighs back & properly align my shoulder. plank with your hands on the eggs really helps to activate your stability by finding my core & the eggs even added to my relaxation in savasana. now that they have been home tested-approved, I have incorporated their use in my private lessons, in which even the yoga newbies can understand how proper alignment should feel in each pose! all in all, these are some good eggs – even willy wonka would approve – completely vegan, but not edible – these are definitely a prop that can grow with you along your egg-cellent yoga journey!

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