News from the Roots Yoga Studio: Three Minutes to Bliss

This past spring Roots welcomed the Three Minute Egg into their impressive selection of yoga apparel and accessories.  Now for sale at the Yonge/Bloor and Rosedale Toronto retail store locations, the Eggs are also available to use in the Roots Yoga Studio.  The studios July/August Newsletter features an informative Q & A piece fittingly titled “Three Minutes to Bliss”, where I had the opportunity to share my insight on origins, benefits, and diverse applications of this unique ergonomic yoga prop.  

Three Minutes to Bliss 

Samara Zoetmulder talks about the Three Minute Egg, an ergonomically designed yoga prop that is currently available to use in the studio and is now being sold in select Roots locations.

What, exactly, is the Three Minute Egg?

The Three Minute Egg® is an ergonomically designed Yoga and Pilates prop that comfortably fits the body’s contours. Imagine a traditional block but with its corners rounded into an oval shape, hence the Egg. This unique design conforms to the natural curvature of the body, enhancing your practice by adding comfort, protection and support in a variety of dynamic and restorative postures. If you are new to yoga and working on flexibility and alignment, the Eggs will help you to safely and comfortably bridge the gap. They offer protection and support as you transition to more challenging core-strength building and weight-bearing postures, minimizing the risk of injury by alleviating pressure on sensitive areas, such as the wrists. The curved shape also makes the Three Minute Egg uniquely suited to restorative postures, comfortably fitting the shape of your body for a deep relaxation.

What sets the Three Minute Egg apart from other yoga props?

The Eggs offer all the benefits of traditional props, but with many added advantages due to its organic shape. It is the shape that makes all the difference, and this is what sets the Three Minute Egg apart from other yoga blocks, bricks, and bolsters. This prop actually takes into account the natural curvature of our bodies and the fact that each of us has unique needs and requirements. For example, while square blocks offer the support and height needed to practice a pose safely, comfortably, and with beautiful alignment, it’s not uncommon that they end up cast aside because they just feel awkward and uncomfortable. If you have ever tried lying over a traditional square block in a heart opener, or placed it under your knees while cross-legged, you have undoubtedly noticed that it causes discomfort. Here’s where you need the ergonomically designed Three Minute Egg, which instead feels more like a natural extension of your body!

Where did the inspiration for this product come from? And what about the name?

Why is it called the Three Minute Egg? Well, it’s because after only three minutes practicing with the Eggs we’re confident that you will want them! Also, when Jason Scholder first developed the product he noticed significant results after using them for only a few minutes each day. This product was in fact born out of Jason’s life long struggle with back pain and a desire for more comfortable ways to help stretch his back.

What is your favourite pose (with or without the Egg)? Do you find that using the Egg has changed the way you practice? 

I was first introduced to the Three Minute Egg at the Toronto Yoga Show when I attended one of Jason’s demonstrations in the Yoga Garden. As he guided us through a series of heart opening postures using the Eggs, I was pleasantly surprised to feel the much-needed therapeutic effects on both my lower back and shoulders. I immediately fell in love with this unique prop, and the Eggs have since become integral in expanding my practice and improving both my posture and alignment. Like so many of us, spending several hours in front of the computer each day has left me with back tension and a tendency for my shoulders to want to roll forward. I now regularly use the Eggs to combat this, practicing heart-opening poses such as supported fish. Beyond restorative applications, the Eggs have given me the confidence to challenge myself in more advanced classes and achieve postures I previously struggled with. I am proud to say that crane pose is now one of my favourite positions! Holding one Egg in each palm, I place the curved edges in front of me on the mat directly under my shoulders. When my body is ready, I slowly lift my big toes off the mat, using the length of the Eggs to help center my body weight. Gripping the Eggs by wrapping my thumb and pinky fingers around the sides also helps with my balance, enabling me to hold the position longer and with greater comfort. When previously attempting crane pose without the support of the Eggs, I felt great discomfort caused by the sharp 90 degree angle of my wrists and the hard flat floor surface pressing into my palms. I am now able to focus on my alignment, breathing, and core in an array of challenging postures because the Eggs have eliminated distracting pains and pressures that previously hindered me from expanding my practice.