Three Minute Eggs Now Available at Roots Stores!


Three Minute Egg® recently hit the shelves at Roots, Canada’s iconic clothing and lifestyle retail store. Founded in 1973 by Don Green and Michael Budman, Roots began with a tiny retail location at 1052 Yonge Street in Toronto. Since then the company has grown into a leading lifestyle brand known around the world for its quality active athletic wear, yoga apparel, accessories, and more.

Today, Roots has over 120 stores throughout North America, as well as an eco-friendly Yoga Studio in Toronto. While the brand has become a household name, what many don’t realize is that Yoga has been a part of the Roots lifestyle for many years, even before yoga launched into the mainstream. 

Roots Cofounder Don Green and his wife Denyse Green have shared a passion for yoga since they met in the early 70s. A certified yoga instructor herself, Denyse established the Roots Yoga Studio in 1992 and created Roots Yoga apparel. Today, her unique Rosedale community studio is located at 1073 Yonge Street, just a stone’s throw away from where the first Roots store opened its doors almost 30 years earlier.

Regulars at the annual Yoga Conference and Show in Toronto, this year Denyse and Don stopped by the Three Minute Egg® booth to learn more about the benefits of the Eggs unique ergonomic design. The Eggs impressed, and with Canadian distribution firmly in place the decision was made to add them to their array of high quality yoga accessories.

I look forward to seeing the Eggs on the shelves next time I browse the Rosedale store, conveniently located just below the Roots Yoga Studio – Toronto’s first environmentally friendly combined fashion & home design store and yoga studio. The studio is a personal favorite of mine as it offers a uniquely private and peaceful ambiance along with a broad range of classes taught by highly qualified instructors, including Denyse Green and Scott Petrie. It was Denyse’s vision to create a space where “you’d still feel like you were entering a special place, a small sanctuary, right from Yonge Street”.  The studio truly reflects this vision with its natural bamboo and cork flooring, peaceful reception where you can enjoy a hot tea before or after class, and clean change-rooms with JadeYoga mats made available for in-class use. Another unique feature that facilitates my practice immensely is that the studio itself is free of mirrors. Instead, students face a large window offering an organic view to gaze out upon as you hold each asana.

If your looking for a yoga space that is easily accessible but where you still feel like you’re entering a special place I highly recommend the Roots Yoga Studio. While you’re there, treat yourself to a little yoga retail therapy  with Three Minute Egg props, JadeYoga non-slip rubber mats and Roots Yoga apparel all conveniently available in the shop below!

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