The Incredible (Non) Edible Egg

The Incredible (Non) Edible Egg

Black Dog Asana Approved

Yoga blocks are an essential tool for practicing yoga – as testified to by their presence in almost every studio.  Blocks provide grounding stability in difficult poses, server as alignment aids and support our bodies when we aren’t  quite as flexible as a pose or asana demands.  Sometimes however, the two heights provided by a yoga block don’t fit our bodies or their flexibility level.  There seems to be a bit of a one size fits all mentality.  The beauty of yoga is that yogis come in all shapes and sizes, we’re not a one size fits all group.  Because of this some practitioners avoid using these helpful tools because they don’t perfectly fit their needs.

One yoga block provider has attained an enlightened perspective on this issue and has developed an ergonomic yoga support that perfectly answers our various complaints about the typical yoga block.  The Three Minute Egg is shaped differently.  Using the body as its inspiration this yoga support is perfect for yogis of all shapes and sizes, degrees of flexibility and strength.  It works as an alignment aid, and when used as its name suggests – just three minutes a day can improve your posture.  An easy three minutes a day in the morning or after you get home from work with these eggs is all it takes to live a healthier, happier and more flexible life.  With the longer series from Three Minute Egg you’ll begin to realize these benefits even sooner. For the experienced yogis, ready for the more challenging poses these eggs provide stability or an added platform from which to try the poses or to make a more simple pose challenging.

The Three Minute Egg starter kit comes with a whopping six eggs!  Also included in the kit is a bag to carry them all in and a great DVD that includes the three minute alignment series and a longer flow series.  The beauty of the longer flow series is that it can be modified to challenge both the beginner yoga practitioner as well as the more seasoned practitioner.  We loved how easy it was to follow along with the DVD and are completely sold on the benefits of the ergonomic and body conscious egg.  It wasn’t a hard sell either.  This product simply works and is perfect for the beginner or injured/rehabbing yogi.  For the longer practiced yogis these eggs provide an additional and challenging element to your favorite asanas.

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