Successful Weekend at Postures for Joan White’s Iyengar Yoga Weekend

The Eggs were a success with the very talented Joan White by their side at her most recent weekend of general and continuing education classes at Postures Yoga in Naples, Florida.  Students and teachers that attended the workshop reveled in the expertise that Joan offered in the Iyengar yoga studio, having returned by special request.

Those that attended adapted the Eggs in several different applications.  For Supta Sukhasana and Supta Baddha Konasana Joan demonstrated how using two Eggs on their side adjacent to each other as well as under the dorsal and thoracic spine provided immense support, along with additional Eggs and blankets to raise the head.

Studio owner Suzie Muchnick participated in the powerhouse Iyengar yoga weekend as well, teaching a variety of classes alongside Joan.  Suzie said that she enjoys “using them under the lower sacrum to the bottom of the shoulder blades for Setu Banha Sarvangasana.”  She used additional Eggs laid flat to change the geometry for individual bodies with taller or more open students.

Following Joan’s workshop weekend we took a minute to follow up with Suzie. She told us that “my students and I find working with the Eggs a lot of fun and in some ways, for some asanas, more efficient then blankets or blocks.  Another tool in our tool chest! or is it another toy in our toy chest?”

We appreciate the continued support from Suzie and Postures Yoga Studio.  This was just the first of Joan’s 2012 workshop tour; stay tuned to the 3ME Blog for continued updates!

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