Studio Rental Package – Option To Buy!

Studio Rental Package – Option To Buy!

Are you a studio owner interested in trying out the Three Minute Eggs?  Hesitant to place a wholesale order before you can familiarize yourself with the props, train staff, and gain student interest?  If so, our new studio rental package may be perfect for you! For a convenient low monthly rate you can now rent brand new Eggs for as long as you want, with the option to buy or return at anytime.  Studios who purchase their rental Eggs always receive a discount, as well as ongoing promotion through Three Minute Egg Canada!
Includes The Following:

• Three Boxes of Brand New Eggs (36): The Eggs can be incorporated into ongoing studio classes with ease, and also allows for the creation of specialty classes & workshops which can attract new business.

• Instructional 3ME Video: You will receive exclusive access to videos featuring four different yoga professionals practicing with the Eggs. We also encourage you to check out our Instruction pages for demonstrations, tips, and more!

• Advertising for Your Studio (3ME Website): Be sure to let us know about any 3ME specialty classes & workshops offered at your studio while renting the Eggs.  These events and classes will receive highly visible promotion on the homepage of the Canadian Three Minute Egg website.  This also includes Blog Posts sent out to over 700 subscribers and shared on 3ME Social Media outlets! Custom advertising images are designed in house so send us your logo and graphics for our team to incorporate!

• Promotion for Your Studio (Shows/Exhibits/Events): Your studio will receive highly visible promotion at all shows, exhibits, and events that Three Minute Egg Canada participates in.  This will include display signage where your studio is identified as “Egg-Friendly”.  If provided, brochures from your studio will also be distributed to customers.  “Egg-Friendly Studios” always receive mention on our website!

Towards the end of each 30 day rental period you will receive a friendly reminder with the following choices:

• Option to Buy: Let us know if you would like to purchase your rental eggs.  You will receive a discount on your purchase, equivalent to 1 month of free renting!

• Continue Renting: Pay for the next month and the Eggs are yours to eggs-plore for another 30 days.

• Return the Eggs: Simply ship back the Eggs to Three Minute Egg Canada.

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