Seniors and the Three Minute Egg®

Seniors doing yoga

The Three Minute Egg® is great for seniors!

I love the Three Minute Egg®!  You introduced them to me when I was in LA for the Yoga Therapy Symposium in 2009.

I love them for me because they are wonderful to open up my spine in bed or on a yoga mat.  I lay over them top of spine to bottom with the highest part of the egg at the thoracic spine and they help me fall off to sleep and also to wake up in the morning.  Sounds contradictory I know but it’s true.

If I’m feeling overwhelmed and emotional laying over them also seems to help calm me.  They are great after working in the yard or doing other very strenuous work to open the spine and help the body relax.

I use them in my teaching for all levels of students.  The senior students find them much easier on their skin and muscles in restoratives or other poses where they need more support than regular blocks.  They are easier to grasp for arthritic hands.  The more flexible students really like how they open up the spine, heart and lungs.

Bottom line, I’m delighted to have them.  Thank you.

D in LouisaVA.

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