Senior Yoga

One of the fastest growing populations of yoga practitioners are Seniors. Few things are better for addressing arthritis, limited joint mobilization, and Osteoporosis than spending some quality time on the mat. The beauty of a physical Yoga practice is this: unlike other activities it is something we give our body, not take from it. Instead of forcing our bodies to act as if they are merely instruments guided by sheer will, the asanas present us with a series of opportunities to interact with and learn from what our bodies are telling us. Because each body is different, each response will be dependent on a culmination of contributing factors, making each and every one of us unique.

In light of this individuality we would do well to see the practice of yoga as a series of questions rather than answers we’re meant to find. Our practices must address the needs that are distinctly ours. The Three Minute Egg is a yoga prop that helps transform a classic posture into something far more personal.

Our bodies are like history books, documenting (sometimes visually) our life-experiences. This can manifest in the way we carry ourselves, the strength we maintain, and even the injuries we may have sustained. Regardless of what we are bringing with us to the mat today, we can choose to play an active role in determining what the ‘history books’ might reflect about us tomorrow.