N.Y.O.B. (Not Your Ordinary Block!)


N.Y.O.B. (Not Your Ordinary Block!)



This newest innovation from Three Minute Egg combines the comfort of an Egg with the stability of a block.

The N.Y.O.B. comes in 3 sizes:

10”, 13” & 16”

We suggest 2 of each size so you can support as many postures as possible.

Wondering why you’d need all 3 sizes? If you’re less flexible in forward bends, or more flexible in backward bends, you’re going to want the 16”. If you’re less flexible in backward bends, but more flexible in forward bends, you’ll want the 10”. The 13” is perfect for sitting on during meditation and for helping your transition from 10” to 16”. Combine them with our Eggs and there is truly nothing you can’t do!

N.Y.O.B.’s are made out of a solid piece of 4” foam.

The N.Y.O.B. is 100% made in the USA and patented in the U.S. and abroad. Coloured Eggs are made out of a patented 100% biodegradable foam.

Change the way you support your practice and eliminate clutter by bringing this all-in-one yoga prop to your mat!

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Charcoal Grey, Purple


10" x 5" x 4", 13" x 6.5" x 4", 16" x 8" x 4"