Occupational Therapy and the Three Minute Egg®

I immediately fell in love with the Eggs when I received them last Wednesday.  Your Three Minute Eggs are well made and well designed. The shape, texture and weight of each Egg invites the body to trust its surface!

I am an Occupational Therapist in private practice in San Francisco.  I am a yoga student, but not a yoga teacher.  I work with young children, school age children, adolescents, and young adults.  My clients usually present with developmental, motor, attention and often learning disorders. The severity of their challenges range from mildly evident to very significant and in many cases they possess good to gifted intelligence. I have also followed several autistic students from preschool to young adulthood.

I use yoga as a “therapeutic modality” in my work together with other therapeutic tools as I address various areas of need, often including fine motor skills and problem solving skills.  Many of my clients have challenges in achieving yoga poses with good alignment so I am always in search of effective props. The motor planning required for clients to begin to achieve the gestalt of the poses requires both careful instruction and a creative use of props. I use what I’ve learned as a student at the Iyengar Institute here in San Francisco so I am comfortable incorporating props, including standard materials and also a range of “non standard” tools to help give the child, teen, or adult a sense about where they begin and end.  When well placed, props can often activate the joints toward stability in the pose and support limbs and joints so that gravity aids in increasing range, and ultimately flexibility.

The creative use of these engaging Three Minute Eggs as props will be endless.  This week I introduced Eggs to three 9-10 year olds.  They all were able to improve their yoga postures and each offered a thumbs up rating! When I worked with a 7 year old I felt the size of the blocks were a little too big for some poses. The adults loved the support Three Minute Eggs provided in Savasana. The kids loved the idea of more colors and started using them as stepping stones.  One child said she wanted to build with them.

Thanks for making a good product.

Gwendolyn Wong, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
(415) 752-7302


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