New York Yoga Magazine Reviews Three Minute Egg®

Every once in a while, someone creates a yoga product that makes so much sense, it’s hard to believe it wasn’t always around. This is most certainly the case with the Three Minute Egg®.

Like most skeptics, when I first saw the Three Minute Egg®, I didn’t imagine it would have so much to offer — or at least not so much to offer me. It didn’t take long to convinc and convert me. There is a bit of a learning curve associated with using the Egg, but the time spent is well worth the benefits gained. Jason Scholder (owner/inventor of the Three Minute Egg) brought two yoga instructors with him to the most recent New York Yoga and Raw Food Expo. The three of them spent three days offering private yoga instruction as well as three free workshops. I spent a solid half hour being led through a sequence of blissful supportive postures, and kept looking for excuses to wander back by their booth.

The Three Minute Egg® is made out of the same foam as traditional yoga blocks, but the similarities stop there. While I’ve always found the blocks to be cumbersome, awkward to hold, and something I look forward to no longer needing, the Eggs, by contrast, fit nicely into the palm of my hands, the curve of my back, and the back of my knees. I’m not sure I fully appreciated the value of comfort and support coming from the same source while doing yoga. Now I can’t imagine expecting any less from my yoga props.

I’ve been doing yoga a long time, and I could easily argue against the need for props. I’ve taken classes of varying levels, and always managed to muscle my way through most of the poses. But the Three Minute Egg® and the people who share it offered me a different perspective on asana. Whereas most practices demand a lot of energy from you, Three Minute Egg® supported yoga gives energy to you. That is something new, and it is definitely worth experiencing. The Three Minute Egg® can be found online at The website is rich with pictures, videos, articles, and product you can purchase.

This review appears in the current edition of New Life and New York Yoga Magazine
Section 3, page 25

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