More Asanas (Poses) for Fertility

Yoga for fertility uses several postures to help increase the chances of pregnancy. Fertility yoga also works to balance the body’s hormones and helps direct energy to your reproductive organs, all of which can make your body more receptive to conception.

If you’re interested in trying fertility yoga, here are a few more yoga poses to try:

  • Inverse stands—such as Supported Headstand, Supported Shoulder-stand…, as long as you are strong or accomplished enough. These poses are recommended because of their effects on hormonal balance.
  • Forward bends—such as Staff Pose, Bound Angle Pose, Head-to-Knee Forward Bend, Seated Forward Bend, Wide Angle Pose, and Garland Pose. To make the poses more restorative, place a chair — or even better, a stack of Eggs! — in front of you and rest your head and arms on the seat for support, or use a bolster for support.
  • Reclining poses—such as Reclined Bound Angle Pose and Reclined Hero’s Pose. These poses help to open and elongate the abdominal area.

Doing yoga for fertility is more likely to reduce your stress about infertility. To start the process, both partners should have a comprehensive physical and psychological examination to determine that they are both without physical and mental conditions that could block conception.