Marianne Wells: The Garden Goddess

These days, you can find Marianne Wells in The Goddess Garden of Cahuita, Costa Rica, home of the Marianne Wells Yoga School.  Along the path of a small, winding creek among the gentle jungle trees, Marianne fosters a rigorously spiritual environment, helping teachers-in-training find the path that speaks to them as they embark on their unique and personal journey.  Her yoga teacher certification programs are some of the most comprehensive in the world.

With a strong background in both teaching and motivational speaking, it comes as no surprise that Marianne’s approach to her trainings are just as much philosophical as they are methodical.  Her offerings include a 200RYT Yoga Alliance Teacher Training, as well as 500 RYT & IAYT Yoga Therapy Trainings.  Students travel from over 30 countries seeking her guidance.   It’s not only asanas, pranayamas and mudras they are seeking – but also a completeness of mind, body and spirit.  Through her instruction students gain a deepened sense of spirituality, realizing the value of self in one’s own instruction as well as recognizing that of the students, gauging and evolving what’s essential for them to learn.

Marianne’s intuition and insight translate beyond the classroom, however, into a broadened sense of humanitarianism manifested through her Project OM.  Her mission, she says, is a simple one – “to help all of us heal, so we may be a source of healing in this world…rediscovering hope and happiness through conscious transformation in ourselves and the world we are a part of.”  Marianne also offers classes to the public on a strictly donation basis, at various times throughout the year.  Absolutely 100% of all donations go toward Shared Hope International, a non-profit dedicated to rescuing, sheltering, healing, and supporting women who have been victimized by sex and drug trafficking globally.

In her travels Marianne had heard of the Three Minute Egg® from some of her students, and was excited to stumble upon Jason and the Three Minute Egg® booth a Yoga Journal Conference in Colorado.  Several Eggs later, she has become one of our greatest ambassadors, and has been spreading the love ever since.  Raised in a yoga home where Iyengar and his props were a big part of everyday postures, it is her belief that “all yoga postures originate from the spine.”  By supporting her students with the Eggs, they can “feel the action in the form so much better” in almost every posture, particularly back-bends and heart-openers.

In every training Marianne uses the Eggs as a mandatory prop.  We were flattered when she told us that she loves the Eggs!  “Their classical form molds to every part of the body in a supportive and comforting way.  And because they move, like the body moves, they are perfect for the skilled yoga teacher who understands that every person is different, and therefor every posture must be supported in a different way.”

Thank you for all that you do, Marianne!  We look forward to hearing about how you continue to touch the lives of people around the world – each and every day.

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