Los Angeles Times features the Three Minute Egg!

We have some exciting news coming straight to your laptop from us here at 3ME headquarters:  the Three Minute Egg has been featured in (drum roll please) the Los Angeles Times – Health section as innovative yoga gear to try, and first on the list at that!

The article, titled “Gear: A few new angles for yoga,” broaches the subject of the proliferation of yoga innovations now that yoga has caught on in the States.  New experiences and ideas have generated a multitude of modifications on the traditional straps, mats and blocks by inspired inventors, such as the first man to lay an Egg, Jason Scholder!

That’s where we come in, referenced as a tool to help give extra reach and simultaneously reduce hand and wrist strain.  This is a direct quote from the article:

Developed by Jason Scholder to fit comfortably in the small of his back, these curved blocks can replace standard rectangular yoga blocks while adding challenge and safety.  The inherent instability works your balance and forces you to keep your weight back on your feet and legs, thereby reducing flexion strains to hands and wrists, common problems for some.  The shape seemed to mesh more comfortably with my various body parts than squared blocks and functioned just as well when placed between thighs and ankles in standard positions.”

We’re ecstatic that our LA Times friends have in common the same likes and uses in the Eggs as we have.  The article goes on to note that one dislike may be that Seniors may find them difficult to use, although as you may have read in our earlier blogs, we have found that Seniors in fact love the Eggs!  While our Elders may not use them for handstands, the comfortable shape of the Eggs is extremely friendly to sensitive bodies that ripen with age.

Thanks again to the LA times for the mention, and among some great company at that!

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