Life After Tadasana

The Tadasana International Yoga & Music Festival in Santa Monica was like a mini yoga-explosion.  People came out of the woodwork, and some traveled from as far as South Africa to be at the event.  3ME had its booth in the VIP shopping district where we could calmly meet with the most sincere and interested yogis.  I was able to connect with some old friends, provide Eggs for multiple classes, including Seane Corn’s Off the Mat, Into the Worldspecial event, and meet lots of new teachers who have been wanting to get their hands on some Eggs.  We were also thrilled to have Kia MillerLisa WalfordKathryn Budig and Marla Apt to incorporate the Eggs into their workshops at Tadasana.  It was awesome to feel and see the Egg family growing right before our eyes!

This was the first year of this mammoth event, and despite the unseasonably cold weather at the beach (it was 92 degrees in “the Valley”), the local hardcore yoga community was present in full force.  We look forward to keeping in touch with the amazing people we met, and watching the Eggs spread their love through my old hometown.

A special shout-out to my crew, Molly, Masha, and Kiki as well as the ever-supportive Melissa Kann, who was kind enough to loan me her Land Cruiser so I could shuttle my massive supply of Eggs to the show.  Who says you can never go home again?  I had an amazing time!


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