Janet Stone Releases Radiant Mom Yoga DVD

“Reconnect[ing] to motherhood as a wild, divine celebration,” Janet Stone has put together a variety of powerful sequences in a DVD that celebrates post-natal yoga in an unprecedented manner.

Entitled Radiant Mom Yoga the DVD is an encapsulation of her Radiant Mom workshops devoted to helping women traverse the various stages of motherhood. With two daughters of her own, Janet has transcended the exhilarating demands of parenting into a form of yoga with a mission to help foster a strong connection to the mother’s center.

Janet opens the DVD telling us that beyond her pilgrimage to India in 1996 which first brought her to yoga, she has found her deepest learning from her daughters, the inspiration for this manifestation of post-natal yoga. With all of the nourishment the mother must give to their children, she reminds us that it’s essential to “carve out a moment for yourself” and nourish your own mind, body, and soul. When you first nourish yourself, you can better nourish others.

Students may choose from two sequences, one 20 minutes and the other 40 minutes long, allowing full flexibility as the days of the mother ranges in free time.

Having adopted the Eggs particularly into her Radiant Mom workshops Janet continued her practice with them into the DVD as an integral prop. If you are new to the Eggs, Janet includes a Block Tutorial which introduces the 40-minute segment.

In using the Eggs Janet reminds the view of the central focus on alignment after spending much energy day-by-day slumping forward, causing a tendency for the toes to spin out. The Eggs are a source of enhancing each pose with the correct alignment and posture.

Recently Janet also extended the accessibility of Radiant Mom Yoga for the busy mother with the release of her iPhone app, Yoga with Janet Stone. Quite remarkably but not surprisingly the app was an overnight success, debuting at #2.

Janet travels worldwide and year-round, but next weekend you can find her in the States again at the Midwest Yoga Conference outside of Chicago, IL. We’re excited to see her once again as well as see the Eggs work their magic in her workshops.

Whether in person, on DVD, or on your phone, you can catch a bit of Janet anywhere you are to remember to take a moment to pause in the busy mothers day and remember the totality of your whole being, not just as a mother.

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