Introducing Junior Eggs!

After years of patience, some begging, and numerous customer requests, I am excited at last to announce the release of the Junior Egg! Juniors have the same shape as our Classic Namastegg, but they’re a couple of inches smaller.

Why 2 sizes of Eggs? 

Why 2 sizes of Eggs? 

When I made my first Eggs out of wood there were actually 2 sizes. One was just a bit smaller than the other and both had their advantages. The Namastegg provided a really expansive heart opening, but on mornings where I just didn’t have that much backbend in me, I’d lay over the slightly smaller Junior Eggs instead. I wanted to bring them both out right away, but my trusted advisors wouldn’t let me. There were right. Now, however the Junior Egg’s time has come!

Namastegg and Junior Purple

Who should have Junior Eggs and why?

Well, obviously I’m going to say ‘everybody,’ but I will narrow it down a little for you. Junior Eggs are perfect for young people, old people, less flexible people, people under 5’5″… and almost anyone using Eggs for Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall). I am particularly excited because Junior Eggs are so great for kids.  Yoga is being taught in many schools now. I even witnessed a game recently of Red Light, Green Light that somehow involved Down Dog, Tree Pose and a Seated Forward Fold. As Juniors are a little lighter, a little smaller, and a bit more manageable for young hands, yoga kids will feel totally empowered having Eggs that fit their growing bodies! Teachers will love the Juniors because they’ll offer kids a point of focus for their practice. Getting a room full of kids to sit still is tough. Getting them to sit on Eggs is easy!

How are they used?

I would say that apart from kids  or people with small hands using them for everything, grown-ups will particularly like them for their therapeutic and restorative values.  Eggs fit in places most other props can’t, and Junior Eggs fit those places even better. Therapeutic yoga teachers will appreciate being able to better moderate the support they give their clients, and their clients will benefit greatly from these subtle adjustments.

Can I choose my colors?

You will always be able to choose from what we have in stock, and we hope that by the end of the year this is no longer an issue.

Do I really need more Eggs?

If you want more control over your practice; If you are missing a few colors in your collection; If you own a yoga studio and not all your students are the same size; If you want your kids to do yoga with you; If you want the most adorable yoga prop ever invented… then yes, you need some Junior Eggs.

How many Juniors do I need? 

As with our Namasteggs, 6 is the magic number.  If you already have Hard-Boiled Classic Namasteggs, then adding 4 Juniors would be optimal; but 2 will suffice. If you don’t already have our Classic Namasteggs, we recommend getting at least 2 and they should probably be Hard-Boiled, so your Juniors can be softer.

Is it true that Junior Eggs are helping the environment? 

Now that all my Eggs are made in the USA, I have a lot more control over the manufacturing. This is a good thing! But still it’s not a perfect process. Sometimes it’s the foam, sometimes it’s the machine, sometimes it’s just bad luck, but not every Egg comes out right. I take these rotten Eggs and use them to make smaller ones! The Earth could not be happier. The factory is happy, I’m happy, and if you get a chance to try these Junior Eggs, I’m pretty sure they’ll make you happy, too.

I’m excited to introduce this new product.  It’s the beginning of more good things to come, so stay tuned as team 3ME works to make yoga more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.