Hatching a Canadian Egg

[imageright]http://www.threeminuteegg.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Samara-Zoetmulder.png[/imageright]It was at the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show where I first had the pleasure of meeting Jason Scholder. After attending Jason’s Three Minute Egg presentation in the Yoga Garden, I immediately fell in love with the Eggs! This experience forever changed the way I thought about yoga props.

Before I was introduced to the Three Minute Egg®, I was only familiar with square props–the traditional yoga block as they’re commonly referred to. As an experienced sales associate working for my father at JadeYoga Canada, I was familiar with the benefits of using blocks as they can offer the support and height needed to practice a pose safely, comfortably, and with beautiful alignment. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon to hear that blocks end up being caste aside because “they just don’t feel good”.

After attending Jason’s demonstration, I knew that the Three Minute Egg was an incredibly innovative and original product. Entering the inviting 3ME booth to purchase my first set, I was immediately impressed with the overall presentation–friendly and knowledgeable staff, an outstanding selection of colours, as well as show discounts and a free instructional DVD! When the catchy slogan “Because your Body’s Not Square” caught my attention, it all made perfect sense. Since our body’s are curved, using a hard and rigid square shape is naturally going to feel uncomfortable and awkward to work with. The yoga block needed to evolve, and because of Jason’s vision we now have the latest innovation–the Three Minute Egg®.

The Eggs are light-weight, have a comfortable yet firm foam density, and a texturized soft suede feel, making them a pleasure to work with. I also really enjoy the versatility, all the benefits of the traditional blocks but with many added advantages due to the Eggs ergonomic design. If you’re new to yoga and working on flexibility and alignment, the Eggs will help you to safely and comfortably bridge the gap. They offer protection and support as you transition to more challenging core-strength building and weight bearing postures, minimizing the risk of injury by alleviating pressure on sensitive areas, such as the wrists. The curved shape makes them uniquely suited to restorative postures, comfortably fitting your body’s contours for a deep relaxation. It has been several years now since I first lay down on the Eggs during Jason’s demonstration at the Toronto Yoga Show, however I’ll never forget just how pleasantly surprised I was to feel the immediate therapeutic effects on both my lower back and shoulders!

I am thrilled to now be a part of the Three Minute Egg family, as the exclusive Canadian distributor and representative of Three Minute Egg Canada! Through my company, Trillium Connection, Canadian Egg lovers can now shop online at www.threeminuteegg.ca and experience faster delivery times, while saving on excess shipping costs, custom brokerage fees, and import duty. Three Minute Egg® is a wonderful company to work with–a direct reflection of its creator and inventor, Jason Scholder. I was honoured to officially represent 3ME Canada for the first time in my hometown at the Spring 2012 Yoga Conference and Show in Toronto. The exhibit was a huge success and I look forward to many more, including the upcoming Green Living Show and The Yoga Conference and Show in Vancouver this Fall.


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