Greetings and Welcome to Spring!

For many of us across Canada it feels as if the Spring season has yet to begin. As the saying goes “the first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another.”  But rest assured, warmer days are soon approaching and there is much to look forward to!

Find Egg-Friendly Studios, Stores and Instructors Near You

For 3ME Canada, exhibiting at the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show was a great way to kick off the season. We sold over 600 Eggs, made many friends, and welcomed new Egg-Friendly Studios, Stores and Instructors, including prenatal yoga studio Toronto Yoga Mamas and the activewear store One Tooth, to name a few.

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Take a Three Minute Egg Workshop Classes with Kelly Hilton

We were so happy to spend time with Kelly Hilton of Yogavita Studio, who offered personalized instruction in the 3ME booth in addition to leading a fantastic Three Minute Egg class in the yoga garden.  Kelly will be offering ongoing Egg Workshops at her downtown Toronto studio.  Also,  keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming feature with the Eggs in Sweat Equity Magazine! 

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Rent Eggs Today!

This spring we also introduced our new Studio Rental Package.  For a convenient low monthly rate you can now rent brand new Eggs for as long as you want, with the option to buy or return at anytime.  Studios who purchase their rental Eggs always receive a discount, as well as ongoing promotion through Three Minute Egg Canada! Great for training, workshops and special events.

Register for a 10-Week 3ME Course at Your Affinity Place! 

At the show I also touched based with Susanne from Your Affinity Place, a Studio in Vaughn where members can connect & identify with one another through yoga, pilates and communication.  Beginning on April 20th Susanne will be leading a two hour Three Minute Egg workshop, which will be followed by a 10 week course every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. To register call (905) 856 – 6056 or send an email to A great opportunity for those looking to deepen their understanding and experience of alignment, strength and flexibility.

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Read Dani Whitefield’s Recent Review of the Eggs published this fun review on the Three Minute Egg and we are Eggstremely flattered and grateful. Dani enjoys teaching with the eggs and her students find them easy to use and endlessly versatile from beginner to advanced levels.  Thanks Dani!

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Preview Our New 3ME Instructional DVD

Three Minute Egg® has several new DVDs in the works. In the meantime, we have prepared some preview “teasers” that provide a glimpse of the postures featured in our upcoming videos.  We hope you find these inspiring for your own practice.

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