Elephant Journal Reviews the Three Minute Egg

Emma Blue’s own private “Kathryn Budig moment” with the Eggs

Yoga teacher and writer Emma Blue has decided that indeed the Eggs are not the Tchotchkes of yoga props she once feared.  Instead, she has found that they “seem to roll out as an extension of the body.”  We are thrilled that she has translated this excitement into a review that was published earlier today on the holistic wellness blog, ElephantJournal.

Emma tell us that she worked her way through the Special Edition Alignment & Flow DVD; she also points to the encyclopedia list of asanas found in the 3ME blog section Andasanas (Egg Postures) as well as the plethora of free video tutorials, which are shorter in length.

Unlike many teachers trained in the school of Ashtanga Yoga, Emma favors the use of props, so she rolled out her mat and tested out the Eggs with her students.  They found the “Eggs can be used in arm balancing postures with the hands tipped down to alleviate wrist pain.

They found the Eggs to have an “unparalleled ability to rock back and forth with the breath under the hands in paschimotanasana (seated forward fold).”

In ardha uttanasana (standing half forward bend) when placed in their highest setting on a point they found the “benefit of a supported lift but have to use additional core strength to remain stable,” enjoying the extra challenge.

Seemingly Emma’s favorite of uses for the Eggs is for a deep heart-opening back stretch, of which owner and inventor Jason Scholder first created them for after experiencing back pain from carpentry.  She offers a back crack guarantee,  ”followed by a long aahhhhh.”

Thank you, Emma, for sharing your connection with the Eggs with the community.  Not to mention, it was a great read!

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