Egg Signateur Annie Carpenter at In Yoga Center for Beginner Workshop

Following her participation in the 2012 Yoga Journal Conference: San FranciscoEgg Signateur Annie Carpenter continues her Winter Tour with a workshop at InYoga Center on Sunday, January 22, in Village Valley, CA.

The workshop, entited “Yoga for Beginners: (Re) Learning the Essentials,” is for those who are new to yoga as well as those who would like to review yoga’s core elements.  Annie will center the message of the workshop “on the foundations of yoga — finding our breath, alignment and ease in every pose.”

Students will “explore how to work with [the] breath in Sun Salutations, create strength in standing poses, and develop greater flexibility in simple twists, forward bends, and backbends — without tension, struggle or pain.”  She will also continue her message by relaying it into how the practice of yoga can also bring about serenity in everyday life.

While the workshop is almost full, there are still just a few spots left for this special event.  For more information or to register contact InYoga Center here.  We’re pleased to announce that Annie will have a clutch of Eggs alongside her for the workshop, as well, so we shall be there in spirit!

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