Diets in Reviews the Three Minute Egg for Yoga Giveaway

With the holidays upon us and, thus, resolutions right around the corner, we could not be more excited to have teamed up with Diets in to participate in a supreme yoga giveaway.  The website contains a spectrum of in-depth information and education from health professionals about healthy living, encouraging constructive weight loss that results from healthy lifestyle changes.

We had the fortune of gaining a personal training perspective in a review by Kelly.  Her experience with the Eggs gave her insight into how best to add them to not only a yoga practice, but also a fitness routine.  Like most people, she found that her favorite use for the Eggs is for stretching and supporting the back in reclined poses.  She found that “placing two Eggs behind your shoulder blades allows you to arch over top [of] the Eggs and get a great supported stretch, perfect for tight chests and easing lower back pain.”  Her insight brings to light issues that most can identify with, that “working on the computer for a living, coupled with an old back injury, has left me with the posture of a question mark, and the Three Minute Egg has been the first thing I have found that perfectly arches with my back to counteract the Quasimoto hump.”

Be sure not to miss an amazing opportunity to be the winner of their 2011 Yogi Gift Guide Giveaway.  This package offers our Namast-Egg Starter Kit, along with Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners DVD, a yoga mat and towel from Manduka Yoga, a MeSheeky Odette skirt, and a one-year subscription to Om magazine. What are you waiting for?  Find out how you will win here.

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