Denver Post Reviews Three Minute Egg for Holiday Gift Guide

While the recession may endure an indeterminable course, it is still the holidays after all and, alas, shopping season is upon us.  We were flattered to be included in the Denver Post’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide that was released this week.

Amongst a list of products that include a range of health, wellness, and fitness products, Doni Luckutt points to the Three Minute Egg as an alternative to yoga blocks that is versatile in function, with an “ergonomic shape [that] contours the body.”  While traditionally a yoga prop Luckutt tells us not to limit our perspective, as it“provides firm support to stretch tight areas and provide foundation for weak ones (for instance, the wrists).”

As with the traditional purpose of the Eggs created by owner/inventor Jason Scholder, Luckutt finds use in the Eggs for stretching the lower back.  “Placing six individual Eggs under the [lower] back, supporting the head, cradling the back of the knees and lifting the arms provides an excellent, relaxing reclined position that rejuvenates and restores,” she says.

For carpal tunnel syndrome Luckutt finds that the Eggs are wonderful for wrist protection, applicable “for gymnasts, acrobats, yogis and others who wrest on the wrists for pushups, handstands, and the like.”

Thank you for the mention, Doni, and for the awesome holiday shopping advice!

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