The Canadian Gift Guide

Canadian Gift Guide

Three Minute Egg has been featured in The Canadian Gift Guide this holiday season!

“Everyone knows that January is peak season for purchasing new gym equipment / clothing / memberships, etc. as people make ill-fated New Years Resolutions to get their workout regime (and their bodies) in shape. Today’s gift ideas could be considered a preemptive strike against holiday flub – after all, routine is harder to break when you’re in it BEFORE the New Year hits – but they’re also good picks for your friends and family members that are already on the active living train. I really scoured the fitness world for some fresh ideas here, ones that health buffs likely don’t already have. Whether you’re looking to freshen up someone’s workout routine or introduce them to one, hopefully one of these clever ideas will do the trick”.

HEALTHY HAPPY HOLIDAYS | Posted by CGG on December 7, 2013

In honour of the ongoing support from this respected Canadian heath, fitness, and yoga resource we are offering a holiday sale on all Stater Kits until December 31st!  Starter Kits are perfect for those on the go and anyone new to yoga or intrigued by the idea of practicing with an ergonomic prop that fits the body’s contours.  Every Starter Kit comes with our instructional DVD and a convenient backpack that fits up to six Eggs.

Happy Holidays!