Canada’s Globe & Mail Deems 3ME “Everything They’re Cracked Up To Be”

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Three Minute Egg® has made it into the news once again, this time in Canada’s largest circulation national newspaper – The Globe and Mail.  With Canadian distribution firmly in place, the Eggs have been steadily gaining popularity among yoga devotees north of the border, peaking the interest of Maureen Halushak – fitness writer for The Globe and Mail and Editor for Canada’s Flare Magazine.

After picking up her very own Namast-Egg Starter Kit at The Green Living Show a few weeks back, Maureen set off to study the Eggs and find an answer to the burning question: “will these ergonomically-correct yoga ‘eggs’ improve your workout?”  After suggesting that Maureen begin her investigation by practicing at home with our instructional DVD, Alignment & Flow (included with all starter kits), I also recommended a yoga class with the talented Duncan Parviainen at Yoga Tree Downtown.  Amongst the recently converted, Duncan is an avid yogi and highly qualified Toronto based instructor.  In addition to being Egg-lovers, we share another thing in common – recent features in Elephant Journal!  This well regarded online guide to mindful living reviewed the Eggs a few months back – with a positive evaluation by author Emma Blue – and just recently published Mr. Peruvian’s insightful article on teaching philosophy.

Duncan was instantly drawn to the Eggs unique design and versatility after first seeing them in practice when several of his students, myself included, brought them to one of his popular hot yoga classes.  The Eggs have since become a part of his personal practice as well private classes.  As he explained to Maureen during their session, “The Eggs are a great tool to have for a slower, therapeutic practice,” noting they’re especially helpful for inflexible types who are “chronically tight.” Sound familiar?

Throughout their class, Duncan guides Maureen through a series of asanas utilizing the benefits of the Three Minute Eggs. Maureen admits, “they started winning my affections within 30 seconds. With two Eggs – resting on their ever-so-slight curves – under the middle of my back…I raise my arms over my head, take several deep breaths and immediately feel a much-needed release in my lower back”.  Next, Maureen and Duncan move on to downward dog, which Mr. Parviainen points out is a position that causes many people to experience tension in their wrists.  With the Eggs resting on their curves, palms pressing down on the front of each Egg, Maureen notes that not only is there definitely less strain on her wrists, she is also better able to engage her core abdominal muscles.  She adds that “the Eggs can also be used for push-ups with similar wrist-relieving results”.

After a thorough investigation of the Three Minute Eggs, Maureen’s verdict: “It’s fair to say these Eggs are everything they’re cracked up to be”! 

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