Back on Mat (after 25 years!) Thanks to the Three Minute Egg®

I’ve been away from yoga for 25 years. Every so often, I give it a whirl again, and end up thinking, maybe this needs more dedication than I’m willing to give right now. I’ve tried a lot of things; blocks, bolsters, nothing felt quite right. Then I thought, this 3-minute egg thing sounds like it might be worth trying. At worst, they’ll end up in the closet with everything else.

The box arrived today, and I couldn’t wait to try them out. I popped the alignment DVD in the player, and gave it a try.

WOW! Bolsters never felt this good under my back. I could just lie in a couple of these poses all day. For that alone, the Eggs were worth buying.

In other poses, I can see where my alignment is all goofed up; I could never quite manage to figure that out before.

I think yoga’s back in my life; it feels good again, as opposed to the creaky, evil thing it had felt like.

I’ll have to remember to update this review in a few months, to let you know whether I’m still this bowled over. Just from one use, though, these things are amazing. Thanks!

Peg – Chicago, IL

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