Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce Names Jason Entrepreneur of the Month

December, 2011: the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce has graciously named owner and inventor of the Three Minute Egg®, Jason Scholder, their Entrepreneur of the Month.  The Asheville Chamber made the announcement in their December newsletter, detailing how they arrived at their decision with the following kind words:

The Chamber is pleased to recognize Jason Scholder, owner and inventor of the Three Minute Egg®, as Entrepreneur of the Month for December, 2011. Three Minute Egg® is an innovative yoga prop that encourages stability and enables users to safely maintain postures.

The Three Minute Egg® was born out of Jason’s personal experience with back pain and a desire for better and more comfortable ways to help stretch his back. Jason infused a creative approach into the concepts of traditional yoga props to design a new ergonomic yoga support with a curvature that fits the natural contours of the body.

“I have my work cut out for me in an environment where traditions date back for millennia, gurus have the last word and blocks have been status-quo for years,” Jason notes on his Web site.  “The need for change isn’t always obvious.  But when better options reveal themselves, shift happens.”

Armed with a crash course in entrepreneurship, Jason launched the Three Minute Egg® with personal capital, modest funding from friends and a small business loan from Advantage West. The concept has quickly been embraced by many health and fitness instructors.

“Thanks to the grassroots evangelism of numerous early-adapters, word of the Egg is spreading.  Its acceptance in the global yoga community is increasing,” Jason said.

Prior to creating Three Minute Egg®, Jason was a cabinet and furniture maker and an artist.  Jason is also the founder of Reel Change Films, Inc., a full-service video production company that he launched in 2007.

We are very grateful to the Chamber for honoring Jason and the Three Minute Egg® in this way, and moreover for their continued support for locally owned, independent and small businesses that help keep the Asheville economy sustainable and thriving!

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