Alignyo Gives Three Minute Egg® Mad Props

While yoga is not an activity that necessarily requires gear to participate, Alignyo points out that there are props that help to support and enhance your practice.  Of the three props that they mention, the thriving online yoga community begins their article by exploring the Three Minute Egg®.

Alignyo found that the ergonomic design of the Eggs is “more aligned with the shape of your body, making the egg an ideal fit for between your legs (think mountain pose or backbends).”  They note the availability of different Egg densities: Hard-Boiled for support in weight arm balances, and the softer Namastegg, ideal for supporting your head and spine.  The latter is their preference, finding that “these cushiony eggs are a great comfort in restorative poses like supported fish.”

Ultimately, they concluded that “your standard block will still do the trick, but if you are a fan of restorative yoga, we recommend trying the Namastegg as a comfy addition to your reclining postures.”

The blog went on to recognize the buckle-free belt Loopasana that doubles as a mat strap, as well as the 6′ round Mandala Yoga Mat.

Thank you for the wonderful review, Alignyo, and for your continued offering of knowledge into the yoga world!

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