Here’s what people are saying about the Three Minute Egg®.  Some of them are famous, some of them are local heroes, and some just wanted us to know how much they enjoy the Eggs.  If you love the Three Minute Egg®, please share your thoughts with me.  They will end up on this page for all to see!


“The really neat thing at class today was that when I went into Downward Dog, my heels touched the mat! That has *never* happened. I think it was the fact that I did a yoga practice with Jo last night, and we did several Downward Dogs–and the fact that I’ve been doing that pose with the Eggs for a few weeks. When my heels hit the mat, I yelled out loud “my heels are on the mat–that’s never happened before.” I was thrilled. Just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I did it again right away, and then we did the pose a few times during class and my heels were on the mat every time! I really don’t think I’d have this success without the Eggs–and because of the Eggs I am practicing more often”

– Christine Peets | Writer and Yogi, Toronto, Ontario

” I have a 12-year-old student with cystic fibrosis and breathing challenges.  When she reclined in supta baddha konasana with her chest opened and completely supported with the eggs for the first time, she was so happy and peaceful.  She did not want to get up.  Thank you for this healing too that is support for so many in so many ways.”

– Leena St. Michael E-RYT500, Walnut Creek/Danville, California

“I teach hatha, vinyasa, and hot yoga and I LOVE my three minute eggs.  I cannot practice without them due to wrist issues stemming from years of Ashtanga.  They’ve changed my practice, my life and the way I approach almost every asana.”

–  Jena Masquelier | Yoga Teacher, Frisco, TX

“Yoga is evolutionary.  Even the shape of the block is changing!”

–  Ganga White | Author, Yoga Beyond Belief; president, White Lotus Foundation

“I use the Three Minute Egg® personally, and keep dozens at Purna Yoga Centers for students.  Its curves conform.  Its shape soothes. Its density de-stresses. Use the Three Minute Egg® innovatively and it will help you to cultivate flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation.  The egg symbolizes creation and birth.  Thankfully it doesn’t hatch or break!”

– Aadil Palkhivala | JD, Master Yoga Teacher, author Fire of Love

“Yoga is evolutionary.  Even the shape of the block is changing!”

– Ganga White | author, Yoga Beyond Belief; president, White Lotus Foundation

“The Three Minute Eggs are a huge hit in my trainings, both for restorative and active yoga, and have truly enriched my own personal practice.

– Amy Ippoliti | Certified Anusara Yoga® Instructor

“The eggs are more versatile and user friendly for my clients.  They have a deeper therapeutic quality.  Because they are unique, when I teach to large groups, my participants are more apt to use them.”

– Ruth Dargan | Director, The Yoga Conference Canada

“I’m so grateful to have this versatile gem to serve up to my students.  The possibilities are endless with the Three Minute Egg®, which is exactly how I like my Yoga: creative and accessible.”

– Kathryn Budig | Yoga Teacher, Santa Monica, CA

“I ordered these from you a few weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE them.  I do strength training and that makes me tighter than I already am.  Using the Three Minute Egg® allows me to get into poses so much easier.  They are also much more gentle to use in places that a traditional block just would not go.  Last night in yoga class I wouldn’t let mine go and I did almost the entire class holding my eggs    Thanks for making such an amazing, useful product.  I feel like you made it just for me!”

– Emily, Lake Norman, NC

“Thanks for inventing such a great alternative to those clunky yoga blocks!!  So much better!”

– Kelly D.; California

“Your yoga prop is innovative and creative. Personally I could see a huge use in my Yin Restorative classes the most!”

– Lara C. Borrego — Yoga Instructor; Certified Massage Therapist

“I’m very much enjoying the eggs and sharing them with others as well.  I think they’re a stroke of genius and have been a great help in opening my hips.”

– Andreea I.; California

“I really like the eggs.  In addition to adding that little balance challenge in some positions, they are more comfortable than regular blocks in most positions.  I’m totally using them instead of my blocks.  Great product!”

– Kathy Yeomans

“My colleague specializes in prenatal yoga and when I showed her how the Eggs can be used in place of bolsters for restorative poses she was hooked.  The Eggs are much cheaper than bolsters, easier to carry and easier to store.  If you can’t already tell, I love them.  The ergonomic shape makes so much more sense than the traditional shaped block!  Thank you for bringing the Eggs to Yoga!”

– Lesley Butler | Yoga Instructor, Plano TX

“As a personal trainer, I work with a number of physically challenged clients, helping them rehabilitate shoulder and hips injuries or postural misalignments and the eggs have been a tremendous tool. Their ability to naturally shape and hug a human body allows me to assist people in moving safely and with more stability through a variety of range of motion exercises. I also use them in my sport training on clients who are ready to do a number of vigorous yoga poses, but just need a bit of tactile contact with the floor or even the wall. For myself, I recline on them at the end of the day and enjoy a well-deserved rest.”

– Holly Romero | Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Mat Pilates Coach, Newport OR

“I have gotten a great response from my students.  I bring them to every class and private session.”

– Leslie G. | Yoga Instructor, Florida

“My eggs have transformed my practice.  I am able to relax into the asana releasing junk thats been in my trunk for 35 years, or more!”

– Shelagh Skeen

“I love the Three Minute Eggs. Compared to the blocks they are more organic, and hence work better with the body, invite self discovery and curiosity. Plus, they feel good!”

– Nancy Nolen | Yoga Teacher/Massage Therapist; Florida

“They feel really great and fit the hand very well, they help with alignment, focus and opening up.  I love using them in savasana and in fish.  I have watched the alignment video twice and think it is a very useful tool.  I especially like the line “It is important for you to keep breathing!”

– Connie Topp

“My EGGS are satisfying in soooo many ways.  When they support my spine, there are only curved surfaces–no corners poking my skin or muscles–so I can hold restorative poses longer.  When I use EGGS for balance, their elliptical shape challenges me to use muscles I didn’t know I had.  But the sweetest thing about EGGS is how they make me feel emotionally.  Just holding them in my hands helps me soften and be more connected to the circle of life that begins and ends with each breath.”

– Nancy McCaochan | MA, E-RYT; author, Yoga at the Wall

“I actually use them daily …. I sit on them in meditation …I sit in vajrasana/seiza postion and they are terrific..the best … I can adjust them to make just the right curve in my back…I have all sorts of other mediation sitting supports but none of them work as well as the 3 minute eggs.”

– Sandy Casey | Yoga Teacher, RN, Meditator; Florida

“Since I sit at a computer most of the work day, my egg reminds me to watch my posture.  I also notice my back and shoulders don’t hurt at the end of the day like they used to – and I feel like I have a better energy level when I go home (which I had not expected).  I love my egg!!!  Thanks, Jason, for a wonderful product!!!”

– Karen Davis

“We have never endorsed any specific product… but we think your product is new and unique… of benefit to yoga practitioners.”

– David Hallmark | The Yoga Network

“The Three Minute Egg is a great tool for helping to restore the normal lumbar curve and healthy movement of the low back. My patients find them simple to use and are getting great results.”

– Dr. David Dwyer | Chiropracter, Warwick, RI

“I bought my pair of “eggs” about a year and a half ago. I used them off and on for the first few months but always liked the feel I got during and right after I did my egg stretch. Now I use them religiously every day and have gotten more and more flexible. My hips and head are both resting on the ground now while I’m in stretch mode. Great progress- they really work!”

– Mark Putnam, California

“After practicing yoga for over 8 years and teaching for 3 years I had moved away from using most props. However, after being introduced to the Three Minute Egg, I have found new levels of stability and ease in some of the more challenging poses, as well as the old favorites. I find the curves of the Three Minute Egg to fit so comfortably to the natural curves of my body, thus allowing greater support. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned yogi, I am sure The Three Minute Egg will offer you greater levels of stability, ease, and fun in your practice to experience more openness, fullness, and fulfillment in your body.”

– Daniel Healey | Yoga Instructor, Albuqerque, NM

“The Three Minute Egg® is one of the most innovative and useful yoga props I have ever encountered. This coming from a student of Iyengar yoga, where the use of props is an integral part of the yoga practice. I have found so many unique uses that it would be best to watch the DVD to see all of its potential. However, my favorite use is to lie over the Eggs, shoulders supported, in a lovely restorative backbend. This pose is said to increase immune function, tonify the kidneys and release tension from the neck and shoulders. I used to do this pose with bricks but now it is only with the Eggs. They perfectly tailor the spine and are safe for all levels. As a teacher, I am able to use the eggs with my senior citizen class to do supported backbends, and a variety of poses that would be otherwise be unattainable. Whether you are a serious student or just a person with backpain, the Three Minute Egg® is the way to eliminate pain and improve your overall spinal health.”

– Nicole Kintz | Yoga Instructor, Asheville, NC

“The Three Minute Egg® is the only tool I have found that helps relieve pressure in my wrists. It is a great tool to incorporate in your practice. It really helps when I am working on strengthening and stabilizing my core. It has added a new dimension to my restorative yoga practice as well as my flow practice.”

– Alison McLea | Massage Therapist; Yoga & Gyrotonic Teacher; Personal Trainer, Venice Beach, CA

“The Three Minute Egg® is amazing. Not only does it give a firm resistance to relax the spine upon, it is also a very versatile tool. Whether you practice yoga, pilates or simply stretch, the Three Minute Egg® will be your new partner. I sit in front of the computer for hours and by the end of the day my shoulders are hurting. The way I cure this pain is by draping my spine over the Egg and relaxing for as long as I want. By the time I get up, the tension has literally melted away. As a teacher myself, I would suggest using the Three Minute Egg® for students of any age.”

– Meg Stokes | Pilates and Yoga Instructor, Asheville, NC

I love my eggs! I was in a car accident when I was twenty eight that left me with limited range of motion in my right wrist. Needless to say at fifty six (I am a 38 year yoga beginner) I am a prop expert. I love my eggs!! I started with an original blue set and have recently ordered a Shakti snack with two hard boiled and two pretty violet Annie Carpenter Eggs. The new eggs have a more “rounded” end which I like. The hard boiled eggs have a very secure, supportive feel. I can not say enough nice things about this company. All of my interactions with them have been “cheerful.” I am on their e-mail list and am always learning something new. That is how I learned about your blog. I would (and do) recommend Three Minute Eggs. I can see why babies would love them (cool colors, nice texture, good weight.)

– Patricia

Three minute eggs are gentle on my body! I’m always finding new ways to use them… which ends up enhancing my postures and making me feel good about what I’m doing! Love’em!

– Brandy Mack