Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called the Three Minute Egg?

Because Three Minutes is how long it will take to convince you that you want them! Also, when Jason Scholder first developed the product, he noticed significant results after using the Eggs for only a few minutes each day. Since then he has worked with many instructors to create a series of Three-Minute Eggs-ercises which, when done regularly, can have a significant impact on targeted areas. “We’re all busy, but we all need to pay attention to the proverbial ‘squeeky wheels’ in our own bodies”. This has motivated Jason to continually developing short routines based in Yoga and Pilates which will address specific issues.

What makes the Three Minute Egg different from traditional blocks?

The most obvious difference is the shape, and the shape makes all the difference. How many people do you whose bodies are square? Traditional yoga blocks do a great job of recreating flat surfaces and elevating them so we can do more with our bodies. However, they don’t begin to take into account the shapes of our bodies and the fact that each of us has unique needs and requirements from our props. The Three Minute Egg is curved, as are our bodies, so it fits our bodies. Its ergonomic design makes it ideal for people with wrist issues, and its size and shape makes it comfortable to hold onto throughout your yoga or pilates practice. The Eggs can become an extension of your arm! They don’t simply sit alongside us while we do our yoga. Traditional yoga blocks are typically either in the way, out of the way, or too far away. The Eggs can be integrated into your practice with ease, changing and evolving your progress more quickly by virtue of their diverse applications.

How and when is the product shipped?

Based in Toronto, Trillium Connection® works closely with 3ME owner & inventor Jason Scholder to provide the most beneficial service to our ever-growing Canadian customers.  We ship exclusively within Canada via Canada Post.  All orders are fulfilled within 2 business days, and once your order has been shipped you will receive an e-mail confirmation with Canada Post tracking number. Use your tracking number to determine the expected date of delivery by visiting www.canadapost.ca. Delivery times vary from province-to-province. We only ship within Canada. For all other orders, please visit our US site.

Do Canadians ordering through Three Minute Egg® Canada save?

Yes! Canadian customers ordering through Three Minute Egg® Canada will always save. You can say goodbye to excess shipping costs, custom brokerage fees, and import duty. Canadian Egg Lovers can now avoid these unnecessary charges—added when products are sent across the border—by shopping at www.threeminuteegg.ca.  All prices are shown in Canadian dollars and ship direct from Ontario.

Where are the Three Minute Eggs made?

All Three Minute Eggs are made in the United States in compliance with all US environmental, labor and consumer safety laws.

How can I incorporate the eggs into my practice?

We recommend that you check out the instruction menu on the homepage for an array of videos and detailed explanations of various egg postures.

How many do I need and which density is best for me?

Our buyers guide will provide all the information you need to make the best selection.

Is this product environmentally friendly?

Our Eco Eggs are made with a fully patented 100% biodegradable foam. They are specifically designed to break down most efficiently in a landfill setting. This means that while the Eggs themselves and any foam waste leftover from manufacturing will disappear much faster in the earth, they will last every bit as long during everyday use. All of our ECO products are marked with the word “ECO.” ECO Eggs are available in all colors except Gray (Slate & Charcoal).