The Three Minute Egg® was invented by Jason Scholder and is designed to help nurture a healthy back and facilitate the practice of Yoga and Pilates. After years of practicing Yoga and a lifetime of back pain, Jason initially conceived of the Egg as a way to help stretch his lower back. The concept immediately intrigued a variety of health and fitness instructors, who continue to work together to discover new applications for this versatile tool.

The Three Minute Egg® is an ergonomically designed yoga block with an organic shape that comfortably fits your body’s contours – more so than traditional blocks, bricks, and bolsters. As one of the most innovative yoga props since the invention of the Jade Harmony™ sticky mat, the Eggs have gained increasing popularity since their release in 2007. Endorsed by such highly respected yoga instructors as Jason Crandell, Aadil Palkhivala, and Annie Carpenter, the Eggs were reviewed by New York Yoga Magazine as “a yoga product that makes so much sense, it’s hard to believe it wasn’t always around.” Three Minute Eggs have greatly enhanced and expanded various styles of yoga practice, offering an unparalleled combination of comfort, protection, support and challenge in both dynamic and restorative postures.  The Eggs have also become an indispensable tool in pilates, chiropractics, and physical therapy.

Samara Zoetmulder of JadeYoga Canada works closely with 3ME creator Jason Scholder to provide the best service to our ever-growing Canadian customers. Based in Toronto, we are pleased to offer retail options within Canada through this website, as well as represent Three Minute Egg at the annual Toronto Yoga Conference and Show.

Hatching the Canadian Egg

by Samara Zoetmulder

It was at the 2012 Toronto Yoga Conference and Show where I first met the creator of the Three Minute Egg, Jason Scholder. After attending Jason’s Three Minute Egg presentation in the Yoga Garden, I immediately fell in love with the Eggs! This experience forever changed the way I thought about yoga props.

Before I was introduced to the Three Minute Egg, I was only familiar with square props–the traditional yoga block as they’re commonly referred to. Working at my father’s business, JadeYoga Canada (Stezo Importers/Distributors), I was familiar with the benefits of using blocks as they can offer the support and height needed to practice a pose safely, comfortably, and with beautiful alignment. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon to hear that blocks end up being caste aside because “they just don’t feel good”.

After attending Jason’s demonstration, I knew that the Three Minute Egg was an incredibly innovative and original product. With the catchy slogan “Because your Body’s Not Square”, it all made perfect sense. Since our body’s are curved, using a hard and rigid square shape is naturally going to feel uncomfortable and awkward to work with. The yoga block needed to evolve, and because of Jason’s vision we now have the latest innovation – the Three Minute Egg®.

The Eggs are light-weight, have a comfortable yet firm foam density, and a texturized soft suede feel, making them a pleasure to work with. I also really enjoy the versatility, all the benefits of the traditional blocks but with many added advantages due to the Eggs ergonomic design. If you’re new to yoga and working on flexibility and alignment, the Eggs will help you to safely and comfortably bridge the gap. They offer protection and support as you transition to more challenging core-strength building and weight bearing postures, minimizing the risk of injury by alleviating pressure on sensitive areas, such as the wrists. The curved shape makes them uniquely suited to restorative postures, comfortably fitting your body’s contours for a deep relaxation. It has been many years now since I first lay down on the Eggs, however I’ll never forget just how pleasantly surprised I was to feel the immediate therapeutic effects on both my lower back and shoulders!

I am thrilled to now be a part of the Three Minute Egg family, as the exclusive Canadian distributor and representative of Three Minute Egg in Canada. Through Stezo Importers/Distributors – JadeYoga Canada, Canadian Egg lovers can now shop online at www.threeminuteegg.ca. Three Minute Egg® is a wonderful company to work with – a direct reflection of Jason’s dedication.. I represented 3ME Canada for the first time in my hometown at the Spring 2012 Yoga Conference and Show in Toronto. We have exhibited every year since then and just completed the 2019 Yoga Show with continued success.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has supported 3ME Canada from its inception throughout many years of successful sales.