About.com reviews the Three Minute Egg as an Alternative to Yoga Blocks

Screenshot: Yoga block replacement reviewed on About.com
More good news! About.com recently reviewed the Three Minute Egg® and recommended it is as a yoga block alternative for several popular yoga poses.

Here’s a direct quote from the article:

“…if you have ever come to lie over the block in a heart opener, you have undoubtedly noticed that its blunt shape can be a little uncomfortable. Here’s where you need the ergonomically designed Three Minute Egg.”

The review continues on and explains how the Egg helped solve three specific Yoga problems: Reaching a comfortable position in the Supported Supine Heart Opener; achieving better alignment in Mountain Pose; and performing Ardha Chandrasana without placing too much weight on a prop.

The Three Minute Egg is a great alternative for anyone who wants a better yoga block – one that acts as an extension of their body – thanks About.com!

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