3ME at the Ballet & Pilates Tea Party!


The Ballet and Pilates Tea Party was a huge hit amongst moms and daughters alike! Organized by beloved children’s dance instructor Charissa Zoetmulder and sought after Pilates teacher Nikki Bergen, Three Minute Egg® and JadeYoga Canada joined the fun for an eventful family friendly afternoon in downtown Toronto. The event offered a unique opportunity for parents to fit in a Sunday workout, while their little ones enjoyed Miss Charissa’s engaging creative movement and ballet class just steps away.

Nikki’s Pilates class with the parents focused on techniques to help tone, strengthen, and elongate the muscles. With the Eggs by everyone’s side and a Harmony non-slip mat below, students had the support necessary to focus on their posture and breathing while maintaining proper alignment throughout Nikki’s dynamic class. All the while, their little dancers leaped, pirouetted, and sang in harmony with live piano music and Miss Charissa’s angelic voice – reflecting her unique and creative approach to children’s dance education, which combines movement & ballet with musicality, creativity, imagination, and more!


Three Minute Egg® and JadeYoga were honoured to lend their support to this wonderful community event hosted by two of Toronto’s finest female entrepreneurs. A graduate of The National Ballet School of Canada’s professional ballet & academic program, and recipient of the Floyd S. Chalmers Grant by the Canada Arts Council, Charissa’s professional dance training brought her to Europe where she worked and studied for several years. After returning to Canada, her focus on children’s dance education landed her teaching positions at various prestigious Toronto locations, including Branksome Hall and The Bishop Strachan School, while she continued her academic studies working towards her Early Childhood Education Diploma. Her passion for the arts and for working with children inspired Charissa to found Harmony School of Dance, where she now offers an array of creative movement and ballet programs for children ages 10 months to 9 years.

Nikki’s background and training is also highly impressive, reflecting her motto to move, dance, live! After completing her business degree, Nikki, a passionate life-long dancer, performed professionally in Mexico and Europe. Upon returning to Toronto, she founded Grace Corps Studio, a Ballroom Dance and Pilates training company. Today she is a qualified Stott Pilates Instructor, Can Fit Pro instructor trainer, graduate of the Pink Ribbon Program and, creator of The Pink Method – a Dance and Pilates based exercise program for breast cancer recovery.


Sunday’s Ballet and Pilates Tea Party wrapped up with moms and tots reunited in a scenic outdoor courtyard where tea and snacks were served. The rest of this beautiful Spring afternoon was filled with the delightful sounds of children’s laughter as the parents, Nikki, Charissa, and myself had a chance to cool down, socialize, and share information about Harmony School of Dance, Grace Corps Studio, as well as the uniquely beneficial 3ME Pilates props and JadeYoga mats utilized in class. If you live in the Toronto area, be sure to keep on eye out for similar events and classes with Miss Charissa by visiting www.harmonyschoolofdance.ca.


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